17-23 April 2006: Tower Park

Photos Courtesy Donna Mambretti

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2 Jeeps for sale.JPG

A beautiful Scout Car.JPG

A good looking jeep.JPG

A great looking M37.JPG

A military tent from Idaho.JPG

Another one.JPG

Another shot.JPG

At the potluck.JPG

Back three weeks from Iraq.JPG

Bill George's puppy meets Carl Thompson boys.JPG

Bob Barrow's Weasel and tent.JPG

Bob Carter's Duece.JPG

Brian Doc Tatar and SSGT Smith.JPG

Brooke Burton.JPG

Can you believe it, he pulled out and drove home.JPG

Carey goes over the first railroad tie.JPG

Carey Simpson's Duece front.JPG

Carmela DeGraf and Kathy Crocker.JPG

Changing of the Madames guard.JPG

Chuck Heindel's autistic ladder.JPG

Chuck Lutz's Jeep.JPG

Dave Willis.JPG

David Palmerlee shows how strong he is.JPG

David puts on the brakes!!.JPG

Dean Peck' WC.JPG

Doc and Cliff.JPG

Don Walley from Idaho.JPG

Donna Mambretti sells hot dogs to Frank Steele and Bob Barrow.JPG

Draw a picture of a service person holding a flag!.JPG

Ed and Carol Jacklitch from San Jose.JPG

First class art class.JPG

For Sale at Willys Restoration.JPG

Frank and Bob.JPG

Franks wants another one.JPG

George and Candy Senko.JPG

Getting ready to start the Gymkana.JPG

Glen Clossen's mule.JPG

Glen's M151.JPG

Great minds at work.JPG

Gwen Pirack and Vi Archer.JPG

Help yourself to the goodies.JPG

Herman Pfauter's CCKW.JPG

Hurry, we're hungry.JPG

I ate it all gone.JPG

In the Duece pool.JPG

Is there a star on the floor.JPG

Jackson Reimunds Duece and WC for sale.JPG

Jerry Mambretti at Don Killian's POW tribute.JPG

Jim Adams inspects what he bought from VP Clint Thrasher.JPG

Jim Causey got out of this one.JPG

John Werner and Glenns vehicles.JPG

Kamping Kabin of Kerry Johnson.JPG

Kari and Chris Hall at the potluck.JPG

Kathy Guerra and LaDonna Valenti.JPG

Kathy Guerrera's magnet jewelry.JPG


Kim Siefert's Ambulance.JPG

Krik and Chelsey Anderson's big tent.JPG

Larry Sheely brought things to sell.JPG

Laura McGinnis goes shopping.JPG

Leroy Cunha's beautiful M37.JPG

Lots more for sale.JPG

Lots of parts.JPG

Margie Schaeffer.JPG

Marine's talk to Don Killian (in camo).JPG

Mark Goldman explains something to George Senko.JPG

Mark Jones' fire truck and Brian Alexander's Jeep.JPG

Mark Tombelson's Jeep.JPG

Matt Tate's M151.JPG

Mike Stopforths sale tent.JPG

Mixed up words winners.JPG

More budding artists.JPG

More parts.JPG

More stuff for sale.JPG

Morning Coffee with the guys.JPG

Mule from Oregon.JPG

Nice M38A1.JPG


No looking!!.JPG

No problem!.JPG

One of a few mules.JPG

One of many RVs that got stuck in the mud.JPG

Ouimette, Parkins and Peck setup.JPG

Parts for sale.JPG

Pat and Dave Willis.JPG

Richard Mollberg puts up his tent.JPG

Ronnie Haik checks out the prizes.JPG

Saturday's General Meeting.JPG

Side view of Mark's Jeep.JPG

So did we, in the sunshine!.JPG

Some more parts.JPG

Some of the Madames and the goodies.JPG

Sonny Hansen by the g503 spot.JPG

Sonny Hansen's duece.JPG

SSGT Cliff Smith and Donna Mambretti with T shirt his troops donated to the raffle.JPG

SSGT Cliff Smith.JPG

SSGT Smith with the Mambretti's.JPG

The Board.JPG

The hot dog stand.JPG

The Jorgensen crew.JPG

The McGinnis Weasel.JPG

The new Kamping Kabins.JPG

The rest of the POW tribute.JPG

The Tea Bingo winners.JPG

The winners.JPG

US Air Force truck from Idaho.JPG

Val Schwiffler and Nancy Hoskins at Tea.JPG

Wendy the Tower Park manager.JPG

You can see the wheels turning.JPG