11-13 Aug 2006: Wine & Roads

Photos Courtesy Donna Mambretti

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A happy vet.JPG

A Navy nurse.JPG

A quiet vet.JPG

An Air Force Vet.JPG

At the Jones' 2.JPG

At the Jones' 3.JPG

At the Jones'.JPG

Beautiful bues.JPG

Busy writing their thoughts about the day.JPG

Capt. and Mrs. Willard Thompson, the oldest Marine! 92..JPG

Capt. Thompson's book bag.JPG

Carl Thompson's Pinzi.JPG

Carl's motorhome.JPG

Cathleen Cooper makes one more pass.JPG

Cooper's jeep in the vineyard.JPG

Cooper's jeep.JPG

Driesback's jeep.JPG

Driver's meeting.JPG

Everett Kimmel and Sgt. J.JPG

Everett Kimmel.JPG


Getting ready for the convoy.JPG

Hattie's Jeep.JPG

Holderman Hospital.JPG

Hoskin's jeep and trailer in vineyard.JPG

Hoskins' jeep and trailer.JPG

In convoy around the campus.JPG

Jim Doescher's WC.JPG

Jim Driesback and Hattie.JPG

JoAnn Lesser and Jim Doesher.JPG

Lesser's M151 in the vineyard.JPG

Line up 2.JPG

Line up 3.JPG

Line up 4.JPG

Line up 5.JPG

Line up 6.JPG

Line up.JPG

Mambretti's M38.JPG

Maureen and Art Doran.JPG

Memorial Grove.JPG

Meredith Driesback.JPG

More food!!!.JPG

Nancy Hoskins with two vets.JPG

On the way out.JPG

Pinzi in the vineyard.JPG

Rhett takes a nap.JPG

Rory Burke's jeep and trailer.JPG

Rory's jeep.JPG


Sgt J and Marie.JPG

Sgt J and the M38 in the vineyard.JPG

Steve Lash and Marie.JPG

Steve Lash's USS Vega jeep.JPG

The Driesback jeep.JPG

The Hoskins' WC.JPG

The lineup in front of Holderman Hospital.JPG

The Main Drag.JPG

Tommy the Flying Tiger pilot.JPG

Too much good food!.JPG

Val and Everett.JPG

Viet Nam vet and Sgt J.JPG

Woman Marine and Sgt J.JPG